The Management: Her Android Tears

Hot neon. Hot plasma bullets. Hot women. The Management’s life is a comfortable one until an android dame brings trouble to his Hotel. Some men are Lovers, not Fighters. Lucky for her, The Management is both…

The Management: Her Android Tears is my homage to ’80s cyberpunk. And, where many of my heroes are goofy nice guys, I wanted a goofy nice guy action hero. With a moustache. Because nothing says “I’m an Action Guy” like a big old moustache. Right?

This game will be a mystery story where the Player will have a chance to solve the puzzle of why an android with Free Will is being hunted by someone determined to turn her into a slave. The Player will confront Mercs, rogue CEOs, mad scientists, and cyberpunk gang members, all while trying to keep his hotel guests and staff suitably happy.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

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Game Themes

Cyberpunk, Robot Girls, Harem, SciFi, Explicit Sex Scenes, Humor, Romance, RPG, Moustaches

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Consider Supporting me on SubscribeStar to get Early Access

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