Shag the Hag 2 – The Satanic Brides

A young man returns to the Woods from his studies at the Devil’s school, Scholomance, to uncover the truth about his father’s death. But in the Woods there are secrets he may wish he’d never uncovered…




Patreon took exception to the character of the ghost, advising that due to her small breasts, she needed to be removed from the game or her breasts should be increased in size. I was a bit offended by the implication that small breasts equal children and have chosen to place the game on hold as it has soured my experience in its development.

Despite the character being firmly written as not even a teenager (for plot and joke reasons), I will most likely remove the character from the game to suit Patreon’s ridiculous assumptions.

As we’ve seen with recent controversy regarding OnlyFans, it’s my belief that many of these platforms which claim to be built for content creators are simply exploiting the adult industry to make profit. The issue is deeper than this in that pressure is applied by PayPal and the major Credit Card companies (Mastercard and Visa), to have companies dump adult content creators. As someone with a credit card, I am also deeply offended when my bank starts dictating to me what I can and cannot purchase based on how they feel about what I buy due to their religious beliefs.

It’s my money.

As you can see, I have rather strong opinions about the hypocrisy of an industry which clearly and flagrantly profits off the adult industry and then turns around and dumps them for religious reasons.

These feelings made it difficult for me to continue with this game. I will work on it again, but most likely not until 2022. I will instead work on some other projects which will be announced on this site soon. My apologies to you if you had hoped it would release soon.

Release Date

On Hold due to issues with Patreon

Game Themes

Monster Girls, Harem, Mild Horror, Explicit Sex Scenes, Romance, RPG

File Size


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  • The first game currently has a 4.5 (out of 5) star rating on F95Zone
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