ReConnect – A Blackened Love Story

Teenage years are filled with confusion and angst. A lot of times, the easiest thing to do is bottle it all up inside and try to run away from the pain. However, every Black Metal fan knows you can’t escape the pain. It’ll find you in the end.

ReConnect is a simple little story game where Player Choices play a large role in adding colour and nuance to the dialogue. While the difference may not be immediately obvious, your choices (and there are many despite the relatively small size of the game) will affect dialogue further into the story.

Being fairly short, it lightly explores themes of forbidden love and the misunderstandings of poor communication. At its heart, it’s a romantic story more than an erotic one, and I hope you enjoy the characters and their interactions.

For this one, I also chose to use Black Metal. Partly because I’m listening to a lot of it lately, and partly because it suited where I thought the MC’s mind would be at from the beginning of the game. His heartbreak, regret, and frustration have left him attracted to the aggressive and painful world of Black Metal.

The game will be released Complete and no further updates other than Bug Fixes will be released.

I am hopeful of a April/Early May release for Supporters.


Please be aware this game contains content which may be offensive to some players.
Please review the Game Themes and avoid downloading if they are not for you.

Release Date


Game Themes

Black Metal, Romance, Forbidden Love, Incest, Painful 1980s Music References

File Size

330mb (PC version)

Free Download Links

Consider Supporting me on SubscribeStar or Patreon to get Early Access

Consider Supporting me on SubscribeStar to get Early Access

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