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L8eral Games is a machine consisting currently of one cog. Me. This clown is dedicated to creating quirky and offbeat visual novels and render sets for adults.

Whether you are an artist, musician, or writer, the creative industry is a tough gig. With the internet making it so easy to copy and share your work, there’s precious few ways for someone to make a living with their art. That’s why your support is so important.

I currently have two ways you can support me.


  • Currently friendly to NSFW Creators
  • Doesn’t interfere or judge a Creator’s content
  • Doesn’t provide support for PayPal payments
Join me on SubscribeStar


  • A familiar name, trusted by many
  • Provides support for PayPal payments
  • Will ban NSFW Creators without warning
  • Has already suspended my account once for unclear violation of Community Guidelines, forcing unwanted changes to my game
  • Has no clear guidelines for content Creators may provide and constantly seeks to control that content
  • Patreon is not reliable for Content Creators of Adult Products, and as such it makes it difficult for us to explore topics/scenarios you might prefer us to explore

Join me on Patreon

A Note on PayPal

It’s accepted that the main reason for Patreon’s sudden changes is their reliance on PayPal. PayPal works actively to ban payments to and from Creators it disagrees with or whom it finds offensive. This covers a wide variety of NSFW Creators and we never know if/when we will be targeted next.
My personal belief is any organization which elects to target people for one thing, will always look to finding another thing to target people for because the act of targeting people becomes a role with its own set of KPIs.
And every corporate entity loves KPIs.


While I prefer SubscribeStar becomes your method for the current reliability, I offer Patreon for those who prefer that method.

Whichever method you choose to support me on, believe me I am grateful for it and will always provide the same level of support.

So, grab yourself and your favourite lotion and join me!

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