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I Develop Games with Sexy Characters and Sweet Personalities. And Then Make Them Do Bad Things. Good Bad Things...

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The Management: Her Android Tears

Hot neon. Hot plasma bullets. Hot women. The Management’s life is a comfortable one until an android dame brings trouble to his Hotel. Some men are Lovers, not Fighters. Lucky for her, The Management is both…

Shag the Hag 2 – The Satanic Brides

A young man returns to the Woods to uncover the truth about his father’s death. But in the Woods there are darker things than he expected…

The J-Files: The Penny Conspiracy

A professional UFO Investigator has promised a former student he’d take her to Area-51. Will there be aliens as some Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest?

Shag the Hag

An insomniac ventures into the nearby woods at night and discovers its lonely female occupants live under the curse of a crazed Necromancer.

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