what the fuck is a visual novel game?

A visual novel is interactive. It’s dynamic. And, above all, it is playful.

Remember the old joke about only reading Playboy for the articles? Well, playing an adult erotic Visual Novel game is like playing pornographic games for the plot. Yet, surprisingly, there’s a lot of people who do enjoy just that.

The thing which makes Visual Novels ideal for interactive pornography is the ability to create choices in the game which allow players to explore their own interests with as much complexity or simplicity as they like. There is as much variety in the style and genres of Adult Visual Novels as there is variety on Pornhub.

And, some of us are even ON pornhub.

At their core, the majority of visual novel games are like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, where the character can follow through a plot while selecting from menus where key choices are required. This will change the path the character is taking and lead to different outcomes in most games.

Some might take this further and add RPG metrics, which include Stats and Items. Some may even include combat which seems straight out of a D&D pen and paper game.

However complex they choose to be, at their heart these games are merely offering challenges and interaction which lead to the pay-off of building enough of a relationship with characters that they’re rewarded with some delightful and suitably smutty scenes of sexual activity.

Usually starting with a blowjob if the game is going for conventionality…

As a form of erotica, Visual Novel games are amazing. If you’ve never played one, give one a try. I guarantee there’s something out there for everyone.

Especially if you like zombies and cackling old witches!

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